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Taste the world at this coffee bar in Ghent

Have you ever tasted Ethiopian coffee? The answer is most likely no. Luckily this coffee bar in Ghent is eager to change that. They offer a wide range of brews that are made with beans from all corners of the world. Every season the drinks they sell differs, because you can’t harvest the beans all year through. This does give you the opportunity to taste a different flavour every time you pass by this coffee bar in the center of Ghent.

An online store filled with flavours

Are you not able to go to this city? That is absolutely no problem for these specialists, as they have created their very own brand of coffee. Just like the bar, the coffee beans are called WAY, short for We Are Young. You can choose between beans for espresso and coffee for filter in their online store. Each bag of beans has very distinctive characteristics. You can recognize it by the signs on the packages. The different symbols stand for:

  • The sweetness
  • Fruity flavours
  • The acidity
  • Floral or herbal flavours

When you are thinking to buy one of the coffee beans from this bar in Ghent, your next decision is to choose the amount of coffee you want. For the avid drinkers, there are the 1000 gram packages. Other options are 250 and 500 grams. Whatever type of size you might choose, you will always enjoy the best coffee has to offer. You can buy both the coffee for espresso as the one for filter online on their website: way.gent.

Ask them questions about their products

The experts at WAY in Ghent have many years of experience and will gladly help you with whatever you might have. You can easily call them or send them an email. If you are nearby the city, you are also welcome to stop by their bar and ask them for more information while also getting a nice cup of coffee.